This is the best season if you want to go on vacation to Thailand

KUPASONLINE.COM — If you are planning a trip to the birthplace of Muay Thai, you must know the best time to fly to Thailand.

You don’t want to find yourself in the middle of hot weather or a flooded road, while struggling to get the most out of your training session while you’re there. So, before you order your ticket, it would be very good if you get to know more about the weather in this country.

Thailand has three seasons: hot, rainy and cold. Each season has its advantages and disadvantages if you want to train in Thailand then let’s take a closer look.

Hottest Season: March-May

Summer in Thailand is no joke. The temperature ranges from 34 degrees Celsius, where the peaks can reach even hotter temperatures. However, it is the humidity there that you should really pay attention to. These temperatures reach their peak in April, right around the celebration of the Thai New Year.

While waking up at 6am might not be the idea of a vacation, there’s another reason why Thai athletes love to train in the morning – the heat.

The morning session usually starts at 6 to 10, while the afternoon session starts at 4 and continues until 7 pm. In the summer, some gyms shift their schedule by moving their afternoon run after their practice.

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