Winter Vacation in Europe? This Must Be Prepared

KUPASONLINE.COM — Even though it is winter, winter in Indonesia is not accompanied by snow. This is different from countries in Europe where every winter comes, of course a lot of snow falls. It’s no wonder that winter in Europe is very tempting for Indonesian tourists to visit and enjoy the atmosphere of winter in Europe.

Different from other seasons, when winter arrives, of course there are many preparations that you must pay attention to. So that you can still carry out activities and travel comfortably, make sure you have to do the preparations below.

Health in Prime Condition
Especially for tourists from Indonesia who are not used to winter in a snowy country, of course the main thing to prepare is excellent health. Therefore, before going on a winter vacation in Europe, make sure you eat lots of nutritious food, vitamins, and also anticipate bringing personal medicines.

Using Layered Clothing
When winter comes, the weather there is certainly very cold. Clothing did not go unnoticed. Make sure you bring special clothes for winter. Not only that, it is also recommended to use layered clothing, such as you can use a long john or special tight underwear to warm the body. Then don’t forget to layer it with a jacket or sweater. If it’s still cold, you can also wear a coat.

Wear Winter Accessories
To warm the body, clothes are not enough. You should also wear winter accessories, such as a scarf, earmuffs or earmuffs worn like headphones. Then, a winter hat or beanie, and also don’t be left behind are gloves. Then, for the legs, you should also wear layered socks equipped with thicker shoes.

Use Moisturizer
Very cold weather is prone to make the skin dry quickly. Therefore, it is highly recommended to bring and use moisturizer before doing activities, for example, lip balm to prevent chapped lips, moisturizer for the face, and also lotion to apply to the hands and feet.

Choose a tour that suits your conditions
When you choose for a winter vacation in Europe, of course you have already chosen the destination you want to go to. However, back again, it’s good in determining the destination, you also have to pay attention to the condition of the body. For example, your body is not strong enough to stay in very cold air for a long time, so it is not recommended to ski and it is better to just soak in hot water. However, if you still want to enjoy the snow outside, then you can look for other activities to just take a walk to enjoy the beauty of the city, such as visiting museums in Europe which are very interesting.

Make Orders Far Away
Even though it’s winter, the enthusiasm of the people to go on vacation there is quite large. Therefore, you are advised to prepare everything from now on. Starting from accommodation, lodging, and other things needed for a winter vacation in Europe.

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