Choose a Good Time to Go to Labuan Bajo in These 4 Best Moments!

KUPASONLINE.COM — Labuan Bajo is one of the best natural tourist destinations in Indonesia, located in East Nusa Tenggara, precisely on the island of Flores. Its amazing natural beauty makes local and foreign tourists look for a good time in Labuan Bajo for a vacation.

However, are you curious, apart from its natural beauty, why is Labuan Bajo so interesting to visit? There are many interesting stories from people who have visited Labuan Bajo and always want to return to this village with the nickname The Land of Paradise.

The Best Moment of Vacation to Labuan Bajo
When you have found a good time to go to Labuan Bajo, it means you have the opportunity to experience the best moments while on vacation on this island. From January to December, here are the best times to visit Labuan Bajo.

October to December
Starting from October to December, Labuan Bajo is the right place to enjoy underwater views. Diving and snorkeling activities are perfect for doing, from seeing the beautiful coral reefs to the variety of fish that pass before your eyes.

It is recommended to do activities in the water during the day if you are on vacation in December. This is because the rainy season has come and usually the fish rarely appear at night.

Festival in January to March
Who doesn’t like seeing the uniqueness and excitement of a cultural festival? You will be amazed by the various festivals in Labuan Bajo from January to March.

Various festivals are held, starting from the Komodo Festival, Reba Labuan Festival, Florata Festival to the Caci Dance Festival, ready to entertain tourists who are traveling to Labuan Bajo.

April and May
No one doubts the natural beauty of the Labuan Bajo archipelago. To maximize your tourism exploration, come during the two best months, namely April and May. At that time, the weather in Labuan Bajo tends to be sunny and suitable for tourists to take a walk.

Due to the sunny weather, the natural scenery in this tourist city, from the stretch of green grass to the ocean, will be seen more clearly and accentuate its beauty.

July To September
This one rare animal is indeed able to attract the attention of tourists, namely the Komodo dragon. The unique sight that you can find when visiting this city from July to September is witnessing the mating season of the Komodo dragons.

When entering the mating season, dragons tend to spend their time out and looking for partners, so this is the right time for you if you want to see dragons in person. Are you brave?

Natural Tourism Objects in Labuan Bajo
When you decide to go on a Labuan Bajo trip, it feels like you can’t wait to visit the various natural attractions there.

If you have found a good time to come but are not sure which tourist objects to visit, then you need to see the following descriptions:

Exploring Kelor Island
Known as a stopover for tourists, the beauty of the island of Kelor is able to hypnotize anyone who sees it. Even though the name is not as popular as other islands, for example like Padar and Gili Lawa, the beauty of Kelor Island is also so stunning.

While on Kelor Island, you can do various activities such as trekking, which is walking around the island while enjoying the natural panorama. In addition, climbing on the hills of Kelor Island is also interesting to try. But, be careful falling, okay! The path is quite steep.

Due to the condition of the island of Kelor where there is not much activity and tends to be quiet, there is nothing wrong with camping on this island with friends. One with nature and served with a stretch of clear blue water, who can turn away from the beauty of Kelor Island?

Snorkeling in Manjarite Waters
The best time to go to Labuan Bajo for snorkeling is when the waters are receding. No need to worry if you are not an expert at swimming, because snorkeling only reaches the sea surface and you can still see the beauty of marine life.(*)

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