It’s Winter in Japan, Here’s a Vacation Guide You Must Know

ENGLISH.KUPASONLINE.COM—Winter is one of the most coveted seasons for Indonesians. The cool air, plus the falling snow brings its own charm for those of us who usually live in the tropics. All this time, we may think that winter can only be enjoyed in places that are far away, such as in Europe, the United States, or Canada. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to be willing to go that far to be able to enjoy winter.

Winter requires special preparation, especially for us Indonesians who are used to sunny and tropical weather all year round. Indeed, the preparations tend to be many and heavy, but it’s better that way so that we can stay comfortable and warm in the destination country. Here are some items that need to be prepared before enjoying winter in Japan.

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1. Jackets/Coats
A jacket or coat is needed to protect the body from cold air stings. A jacket or coat is basically able to keep you warm, so it has to be thick. Meanwhile, materials that are able to keep the body warm include wool and fleece.

2. Earmuffs
The ears need to be covered because it is one of the limbs that are sensitive and vulnerable to changes in the weather. In addition, earplugs are also useful to prevent ear freezing.

3. Beanie Hat
A beanie hat is able to prevent the head from feeling dizzy from the cold as well as a warmer. Suitable beanie materials include knits and fleece.

4. Scarf/Pashmina
The scarf or pashmina has the function of protecting the neck from the cold because the neck is also a part of the body that is sensitive to changes in the air. Apart from that, a scarf can also be used as a cover for the mouth and nose when extreme weather such as a blizzard occurs. Good materials for scarves include polyester fleece and wool. It is also recommended to wear a scarf or pashmina which has heating technology.

5. Sweaters
Sweaters function as body warmers when the weather is cold, and in order to be warm you should wear a sweater first before you layer it again with a jacket/coat. Sweaters that are able to keep the body warm are made of knitted, wool and polyester fleece.

6. Shoes
The cold weather clearly requires you to wear shoes. Since winter is definitely synonymous with terrain that is more slippery or difficult to explore because of the snow, wear trekking shoes or boots made of leather or suede. Avoid sneakers or flats, and don’t forget to wear thick socks first!

7. Gloves
Gloves are useful to prevent your fingers from freezing which is fatal because hands are also sensitive body parts. For that use gloves made from knit or leather.

8. Drugs
Before you think about feeling winter, you should really understand your body’s weaknesses. For example, if you have certain allergies, then bring the allergy reliever that you usually use, or for example, if you have asthma, always have an inhaler on hand.

Even if your immune system is good, you should also carry simple medicines as a preventive measure, such as paracetamol to get rid of fever or pain, medicine for diarrhea, or other supplements to prevent unwanted things.

9. Other Personal Needs
This point is also related to the point above because only you know exactly what your body needs. For example, to avoid dry skin or lips, you can buy a moisturizing lotion and lip balm, wind oil, warm balm, and so on.

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