6 Unique Traditions in Canada

KUPASONLINE.COM — Canada as one of the largest countries in the world has several unique traditions. Due to its European roots and proximity to the United States, Canadian traditions are a unique amalgamation of several cultures. The French-speaking Canadian province of Quebec also has traditions that the rest of Canada doesn’t follow. The following are some unique traditions in this country.

Even though people all over the world celebrate Halloween, it’s a big thing in Canada. Between 2004 and 2014, commercial revenue from this holiday doubled. The Retail Council of Canada estimates that by 2014, Halloween became a multi-billion dollar industry.

In Vancouver, the only time residents can legally set off fireworks in their backyard is on Halloween. Purchase fireworks with a permit and only persons over 19 may purchase and set off fireworks. This tradition makes the town especially loud on Halloween night.

2. New Year’s Levee
This tradition, which refers to the calendar where Justin Bieber was born, is now the only country participating in the New Year’s Levee. The tradition started in Canada in the 1600s. It is an event held by the respective provincial lieutenant governors and governor generals to mark the start of the new year and to allow citizens of the country to pay their respects.

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