Get to know the Minangkabau Cultural Traditions

KUPASONLINE.COM — If you are planning to go to West Sumatra, then look for a moment that coincides with the following ritual events.

There are several cultures related to family and even tourist attractions. The tradition is as follows:


Minangkabau culture
1. Down Bath
The traditional mandir ceremony is a ceremony performed as a form of gratitude for the birth of a child into the world.

This ceremony is also carried out as an introduction to the community. The process of this ceremony was preceded by a procession. Then take a bath down in the river.

Minangkabau culture
2. Balimau
If in Java, the tradition of bathing before the month of Ramadan is called padusan, then in Minangkabau it is called balimau.

Minangkabau Culture #3 Eat Bajamba
The tradition of eating Bajamba, which is also called eating barapak, is a Minangkabau culture that is still being carried out.


This tradition is a meal event in a certain place and is usually carried out on Islamic holidays or other important events.

According to history, the tradition of eating together is thought to have entered West Sumatra in the 7th century.

#4 Batak Pengulu
In Minang, people live in tribal or tribal culture. Each of these tribes has a tribal leader called datuak.

So, when a certain tribe or people appoint a leader or datuak, then the Pangulu Batagak ceremony is carried out. In practice, this ceremony is held for 3-7 days.

#5 Batagak Kudo-Kudo
This ceremony is part of the tradition of the Minang people to build a new house that will be fitted with horses.

6. Baralek Gadang
The tradition of baralek gadang is interpreted as a tradition to hold a wedding ceremony. This ceremony itself is a series of traditional ceremonies during marriage. Starting from getting to know the bride or groom until the wedding is over

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