Oshogatsu, Unique New Year Celebration Traditions in Japan, Here’s the Sequence

KUPASONLINE.COM — New Year in Japan is a special time for food, decoration, and gathering with family. Known as Oshogatsu, a tradition of New Year celebrations in Japan.

In the Oshogatsu period, for Japanese people, they celebrate it by carrying out traditions that have existed for a long time. Here are some series of Oshogatsu traditions:


In Japanese culture, the new year should start with a clean slate. Not surprisingly, they carried out a massive purge otherwise known as oosoji. This usually occurs in mid-December before the new year celebrations.

The Japanese will clean their homes, offices and places of business carefully from top to bottom. This is because they believe that the god of fortune (Toshigami) will come at the beginning of the new year. Also to welcome the new year with a clean soul.


New Year celebrations in Japan have a custom of sending new year greeting cards or nengajo to each other. Not only intended for immediate family, but also for friends, or business associates.

The contents of the card are usually in the form of congratulating them on the new year and thanking them for something they have done in the last 12 months.

Oshogatsu kazari and kagami mochi

After the house is cleaned, it’s time to put on the decorations. Oshogatsu kazari in particular is a garnish made of straw rope, pine twigs and bamboo. And usually hung at the front door of the house with the aim of driving away evil spirits.

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