These are 5 Unique Customs and Rituals from Lombok Island

KUPASONLINE.COM — Who doesn’t know Lombok? Pulau Seribu Masjid holds amazing marine natural wealth. However, visiting Lombok is not complete without witnessing its customs.

Not only natural scenery that spoils the eye, Lombok also has interesting customs or rituals that you need to know. Well, see the full information below.

1. Rebo Bontong Ceremony
Once a year, to be precise on the last Wednesday of the month of Safar, the Sasak people perform the Rebo Bontong ceremony. They believe that that day is the peak of disaster and disease, so a ceremony is performed to ward off reinforcements. The community believes that work cannot be done on Rebo Bontong Day. Rebo Bontong itself has a meaning, namely Rebo which means and Bontong which means breaking up.

Until now, the ceremony is still being held by the community in Pringgabaya District. Rebo Bontong has been passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years. People will flock to the bank of the river, then jump in to bathe. They believe, if you take a bath on that day, the disease will disappear for a year and the relationship will be more closely intertwined.

2. Smell Nyale Ceremony
Furthermore, there is a traditional cultural festival held by the people of Central Lombok, namely Bau Nyale. The name of this tradition comes from the Sasak language, consisting of the word Bau which means to catch and Nyale which means sea worm. The sea worms in question are animals that live in rock holes in the sea.

Bau Nyale is indeed a sea worm hunting event held around February and March. The festival is located at Seger Beach, Kuta. That said, this sea worm is believed by the public to be the incarnation of Princess Mandalika. Nyale also appears only once a year around Kuta Beach and Seger Beach. The worms that have been hunted will be sown in the fields or processed into food.

3. Peresean
Peresean is believed by the Sasak people as a ritual asking for rain in the dry season. This tradition is actually a martial art and dance from Lombok which is accompanied by a ceremony or ritual. Two people will fight with a club called penjalin and a shield called ende. The beater is a rattan whose tip is coated with asphalt and finely ground glass shards. In addition, they also use shields made of cow or buffalo leather.

4. Fresh Roah
This custom is an annual ritual held by fishermen and local residents in West Lombok in commemoration of the month of Muharram in the Hijri calendar. Roah Segara means “caring for the sea”. This tradition aims to maintain the balance of nature and harmony between nature and humans.

The Roah Segara ritual is usually held at Kuranji Beach which is located in Kuranji Village, West Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province. Local residents will collect food and crops on penulang dulang, which are trays made of bamboo. They will bless the offerings with Barzanji, Selakaran, and dhikr prayers. Furthermore, the trays will be allowed to drift into the sea.

5. Sneeze
In Central Lombok, residents of Karang Renyah Hamlet held a ritual to welcome the holy month of Ramadan, namely Bersinan. The men will organize the event, while the women will only deliver the dulang to the mosque. After that, they will pray together led by Tuan Guru or Kiai. After praying, the men will continue with a joint meal.

That’s information about some of the typical customs and rituals of Lombok Island that you shouldn’t miss. Wow, the more curious how Lombok is with all its uniqueness, right? If you intend to find a hotel in Lombok, you don’t need to worry. Just use the Airy application from your cellphone and you can book hotels according to your wishes.(*)

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